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As a company, we pride ourselves on providing authentic products for all customers, any product purchased from DripSW will have been guaranteed authentic by our authenticity team and have proof of this. All of the products presented and sold by DripSW are 100% authentic, original and real guaranteed. However if you have any issues regarding the authenticity or integrity of a product you purchased from us then please email info@dripsw,com regarding your concern and a member of our team will be happy to resolve this issue as soon as they can. We do not sell nor condone replicas, copies, counterfeits, fakes, A grades, B grades or factory variants of any kind.


Any item consigned to or brought by the company will be checked by authenticity experts internal and external. As a company we are against the flow of unauthentic products in the resell aftermarket. As part of our goal, it is our duty to reject any counterfeit item into the resell market and into our company as that would be detrimental to our plan of bringing together a safe place for buyers and sellers to trade within our company. Everyone at DripSw has been trained to detect fake or counterfeit items upon employment with the team and understand that the marketplace and company must run on a trust and integrity basis.

As it states in the consignment terms, all items submitted for consignment must come with a purchase receipt or proof of authenticity, without this, your item will not be accepted due to high level of trust that our company must run on to our consumers.

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