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Established in London, DripSw is a limited company specialising in the sourcing of luxury clothes, sneakers and personal shopping for clients worldwide. Founded in 2017, it is our aim to supply all clients with unmatchable customer service, the best quality products and fair, market-value prices. Supplying high-end streetwear clothing and urban footwear has been the heart of our business and our dedication to keeping clients happy is something we take pride in.


We specialise in rare, most of the time, sold out sneakers and clothing in a premium aftermarket which is known as the Resell Market. This means DripSw are able to supply you with any hyped item you may have missed out on or wanted that is no longer in stock or sold out at any retailer. We hope to create a space for buyers and sellers worldwide to trade safely and without risk to any party involved.

Sneakers and streetwear aren't just a job, they're a lifestyle. The people at DripSw have had nothing but sneaker culture drummed into them since they were children and although managing to convert it into a profession, are still sneaker crazy to the present day. DripSw is on a mission to supply the latest drip all around the world in all aspect.

There is a lot more to come from DripSw in the near future so keep your eyes peeled..

Please note that DripSw has no affiliation with any brands sold by the company.

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